Our Process

We start by getting really curious about your category, business, products, and company culture. We research each of these areas independently, then come to you with a boatload of questions that cover:

  • Company history
  • Customer promise
  • Audience data and profiles
  • Brand positioning
  • Unique selling point
  • Brand behavior
  • Company values
  • Company mission and vision
  • Competitive set

During this series of conversations (that may last several hours and involve multiple stakeholders throughout the company), we don’t just listen attentively and take notes. We record, transcribe, and analyze the conversations looking for the slightest nuances. We also look for points that might require further elaboration. Then we summarize our findings and put them in our initial sketch of your brand personality, persona and voice.

Next, we deliver the initial sketch to you in a working session and elicit candid feedback. It’s essential to the Minty Fresh process that what you see accurately reflects who your brand is and where you want it to go. You need to be comfortable or the whole thing won’t work. We gather your feedback, changes and niggles and revise our sketch.

Once we have an approved sketch, we develop a formal brand voice guide complete with examples of how your brand sounds, do’s and don’ts, and basic writing guidelines. Then we get feedback on that, make revisions and deliver a final guide.

Once we know who the brand is and how it sounds when it speaks, we need to make sure that everyone else needs to understand that, too. We hold a 4 hour, hands on brand voice training session complete with writing exercises, feedback sessions, and small group exercises.

When it’s all said and done, what you have is a focused, engaging and persuasive brand voice and a team of people who know how to express it consistently.

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