LEGO DUPLO Teams Up With Librarians To Improve Literacy

MInty Fresh recently completed a project for LEGO as part of a comprehensive campaign to improve childhood literacy through the concept of adding play to storytime. Their theory (backed by research) is that adding play to storytime helps improve a child’s level of engagement with the story. Plus it has a bunch of other positive … Continue reading

Newspaper Campaign: Yahoo! Hot Jobs

Bringing Brands To Life With Content

Many businesses, designers, and marketers often take a, “type goes here,” approach to their communications. And when they’re done with a piece, it certainly does look and sound done. Sometimes it’s even flawless. But the question is, “Does it work as well as it should?” Nope. Most of the time they’ve grossly under-resourced, bumbled or … Continue reading A Different Take On Food is an online food and lifestyle site that thinks of itself as the Rolling Stone Magazine of its genre. They do profiles on the marriage of bacon and chocolate, they have cheeky shows with names like “You’re doing it all wrong” and offer provocative how-to’s like how to make sexy drinks for Valentine’s Day. … Continue reading