BookRenter’s Voice & Online Communications

Recently, Minty Fresh was brought in to help textbook rental pioneer explore and develop an official brand voice that they could all write to so that their messaging could be more consistent. Also, they wanted the way that they sounded to be more reflective of who they were as a company. These are fun people. Smart people. Game changer types. But their voice was a bit scattered and wasn’t hitting the mark on some of their perceived personality attributes.

After psychoanalyzing the company for several weeks, we delivered a full blown brand voice guide, a brand voice cheat sheet, and a steady stream of marketing materials written in their new voice. These pieces serve as their foundation. They also got an ongoing copy & communications strategy resource in Minty Fresh that continues to this day.

Here are two emails and an infographic that represent some of that work. This first one just shot out to students asking them to apply for their virtual product intern position.

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