LEGO DUPLO Teams Up With Librarians To Improve Literacy

MInty Fresh recently completed a project for LEGO as part of a comprehensive campaign to improve childhood literacy through the concept of adding play to storytime. Their theory (backed by research) is that adding play to storytime helps improve a child’s level of engagement with the story. Plus it has a bunch of other positive effects including developing a child’s imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

LEGO DUPLO happens to offer a product that helps stewards of storytime combine play with stories. It’s called LEGO DUPLO Read & Build sets. They feature a story about, say, a caterpillar, and then have the young child actually build the caterpillar using the blocks provided as the story unfolds.

The campaign drives people to the Read, Build, Play website where they can nominate their local library (who can win $5K for supplies, etc.) and download both kid-friendly music and a free parent activity guide that shows people how to combine playtime with storytime at home.

This poster was placed in libraries across the United States and it drove people to the website shown below. Go vote for your local library.

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