The 99% Loves Minty Fresh Brand Video For Mag+

Have you ever wondered what the nation’s 1% think about these never-ending Wall Street Occupations? I imagine lighthearted quips growled out of the side of some CEO’s mouth (the side not occupied by his Cuban stogie) while on the 9th tee of some hoity, racist country club in South Carolina just before ripping one 280 yards straight down the fairway, “May their holidays be pepper-sprayed with joy.”

What would the iPad App version of that sentiment be?

Minty Fresh put together a video script that brought this very scenario to life for tMag+, who sells a technology that could turn your content (any content) into an iPad app. The videos linked back to special landing pages on the client’s site that made the connection even more directly between the video concept and the client’s software. Here’s the video in question.

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