The Power of a Public Manifesto

This project began as part of a re-branding effort for the dynamic athletic training brand, TRX.

The question: what do we actually stand for?

The short answer was that they stand for movement and the relentless pursuit of your goals. The products and training modalities that TRX sells are all about moving your body in all three planes of motion. Because, heck, that’s how you really use your body in life. Why run on a treadmill for 45 minutes every three days when you use more full body, integrated movements everywhere else in your life? That’s just not optimal. So I wrote this thing and read it to the executives in a big meeting. They clapped. So I read it to roomfuls of other people at the company and they were completely silent – which I took to mean that they didn’t disagree.

Later, when they moved to a brand new location in downtown San Francisco, they put it on the walls as a permanent installment (as you can plainly see above- although the photos are a tad blurry). It was used on the shipping boxes. It was used on the back of brochures. Employees took snapshots of it and used them as their Facebook photos. It showed up in presentations.  It was used almost everywhere. The company knew what it stood for and it was something that everyone believed in.

When I’m in an optimistic mood, I like to think that it was a catalyst for a mind shift that helped the company behave more cohesively.

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