Get More Into The Shows You’re Into

This spot was originally created to run all over Times Square in NYC. Obviously, it needed to be visually arresting to catch the attention of tourists walking around in one of the most visually stimulating places on earth.

So I came up with this idea of a woman physically getting into a television. I even found the contortionist (from the San Francisco School for the Circus Arts), hired the film company (Kontent Films) and played producer on client side. We did the whole thing for around $60K. Hats off to Mark Decena and Teri Heyman. really didn’t have a brand at that point, so this was the first real piece of advertising that went out there. And it went out big. Seven screens across Times Square – one of which was about 100 square feet. We caught some press for it from Ad Age and Shoot Magazines and I got to give some interviews over the phone, which was fun.

Later, when the company was bought by CBS, their CEO asked to run it in the Super Bowl. Here it is in all its glory in Times Square sharing equal rotation with the CNET advertising. Someone else shot this and put it to music. Fair warning: the music might make you sleepy…and maybe just a little homesick for a New York winter (even if you’re from Kansas or California).

Director:Mark Decena/Kontent Films

Producer: Teri Heyman/Kontent Films

CD/Writer: Todd Anthony

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