A Different Take On Food is an online food and lifestyle site that thinks of itself as the Rolling Stone Magazine of its genre. They do profiles on the marriage of bacon and chocolate, they have cheeky shows with names like “You’re doing it all wrong” and offer provocative how-to’s like how to make sexy drinks for Valentine’s Day. It’s provocative.

This print ad was concept that the designer and I came up after we looked at some really amazing “food as landscape” photography. We thought, what if the food came to life as little characters. So we married that idea with the idea of Chow being a sort of black sheep of the culinary community. And we got this. The headline: A different take on food.

This ad ran on the back cover of Gastronomica magazine – a magazine for people who spend a oodles of time thinking about food.

Creative Director/Writer: Todd Anthony

Designer/Art Director: Stephanie Wong

Photographer: Chris Rochelle

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