Bringing Brands To Life With Content

Many businesses, designers, and marketers often take a, “type goes here,” approach to their communications. And when they’re done with a piece, it certainly does look and sound done. Sometimes it’s even flawless. But the question is, “Does it work as well as it should?” Nope.

Most of the time they’ve grossly under-resourced, bumbled or otherwise neglected half of the communication equation: the writing. Some might even argue that the writing is bigger than half of the equation because language is more closely tied to the human being’s cognitive decision-making process.

The problem: they’re hiring writers.

The businesses of today don’t just need a writer… words on a page…a benefit oriented sell message that fits a particular space. It’s not even enough to have a professional writer with a gift for the language. What they really need is a rhetorician…an idea person skilled at the art of persuasion.  They need someone to move people…to persuade them. In other words, they need someone who knows how to use the language like a Samurai warrior wields their blade. They need someone who knows how to tie things together and deliver effective, situation-specific messages in every communication channel. You need a strategic, community-centric synthesizer running to give your sales a jolt.

Sure, consumers today have become more visual. And yeah, skimming is the busy professional’s default activity (you’re probably skimming this right now). But they are still “word people” more than they are “picture people.” I’m not saying that the copy should always be driving the communications bus, but it should never ride in the back either. And that is exactly what is happening today.

When your brand has a way with words, not just visual design, it will be doubly powerful. And that means exponentially more money to the bottom line. Is your brand telling a memorable story? Is it able to capture a piece of the prospect’s cerebral real estate?

In closing, what I am saying is that you shouldn’t hire a writer. You should hire a persuader.

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