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Rocket Lawyer Connect With An Attorney Video

Rocket Lawyer is a provider of legal services that allows easy access to both do-it-yourself legal help and affordable local attorneys. This Minty Fresh How-To video, featuring two real people (the lawyer and the client), is a shining example of our video capabilities. We dove headfirst into strategy with this one and worked closely with … Continue reading

BookRenter’s Voice & Online Communications

Recently, Minty Fresh was brought in to help textbook rental pioneer BookRenter.com explore and develop an official brand voice that they could all write to so that their messaging could be more consistent. Also, they wanted the way that they sounded to be more reflective of who they were as a company. These are fun … Continue reading

LEGO DUPLO Teams Up With Librarians To Improve Literacy

MInty Fresh recently completed a project for LEGO as part of a comprehensive campaign to improve childhood literacy through the concept of adding play to storytime. Their theory (backed by research) is that adding play to storytime helps improve a child’s level of engagement with the story. Plus it has a bunch of other positive … Continue reading

The 99% Loves Minty Fresh Brand Video For Mag+

Have you ever wondered what the nation’s 1% think about these never-ending Wall Street Occupations? I imagine lighthearted quips growled out of the side of some CEO’s mouth (the side not occupied by his Cuban stogie) while on the 9th tee of some hoity, racist country club in South Carolina just before ripping one 280 … Continue reading

The Importance Of Good Writing

I’m following a discussion in a Creative Director forum on Linkedin about the complete absence of writers in some design firms. Some felt that it was indicative of the fact that people don’t read anymore (not true). Others said that it was because people don’t understand the value that solid writing can bring to the … Continue reading

The Power of a Public Manifesto

This project began as part of a re-branding effort for the dynamic athletic training brand, TRX. The question: what do we actually stand for? The short answer was that they stand for movement and the relentless pursuit of your goals. The products and training modalities that TRX sells are all about moving your body in … Continue reading

Brand Video: TRX “Who We Are”

TRX is a dynamic functional training company started by a former Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick. While he was in the field fooling around with some parachute webbing and rubber boat tools in an effort to figure out how keep his body fit, he stumbled on what has now become one of the premier … Continue reading

CBS Sports Fantasy Football Pre & Post-Roll Video

The brief for this CBS Sports promo video was as follows: create a fifteen second pre/post-roll video that could run across the CBS Interactive Network to pre-promote the coming Fantasy Football season. Make sure you show a mobile phone. Budget: $15K. Minty Fresh not only wrote and produced the spot, but Minty Fresh CD, Todd … Continue reading

Bringing Brands To Life With Content

Many businesses, designers, and marketers often take a, “type goes here,” approach to their communications. And when they’re done with a piece, it certainly does look and sound done. Sometimes it’s even flawless. But the question is, “Does it work as well as it should?” Nope. Most of the time they’ve grossly under-resourced, bumbled or … Continue reading